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Welcome to Alke-Bulan Naturals! We're happy to have you here.

our brand story 


Here at Alke-Bulan Naturals, returning to our roots is our mantra. We take a wholesome approach to wellness—one that taps into centuries of ancient wisdom. In a world where many of us feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied by modern medicine, getting back to basics is essential.


We chose to name ourselves after “Alkebulan” (Al-ke-bu-lahn) because it’s a profound indigenous word that means “Mother of Mankind” or “Garden of Eden.” The word “Alkebulan” symbolizes returning to our roots. We changed the spelling to “Alke-Bulan” as a nod to alkalinity: the concept of enjoying a healthy diet to maintain your body’s ideal pH level. 


Green Leaves

our Founder

Our passionate founder, Erika Monroe, has studied health, wellness, and nutrition for the past ten years. This taught her the importance of using holistic lifestyle changes to promote overall health and wellness. After a decade of committing herself to the study of natural wellness and self-healing, Erika has decided to create her own range of herbal products, formulated to help people thrive. Erika is a certified reiki practitioner and motivational speaker that is committed to educating people on the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. 



Our Products

Our products include ingredients that have been used in traditional healing since ancient times, including sea moss, ashwagandha, noni, camu camu, and spirulina. These powerful plant-based supplements were revered in multiple cultures around the world for centuries and are often recommended by wellness gurus and holistic doctors today.


Because of our dedication to health and the environment, Alke-Bulan Naturals uses organic ingredients, all derived from sustainable sources. All of our products are completely plant-based, as we use gelatin-free capsules. Our products are packaged in BPA-free bottles and manufactured in an FDA-approved facility right here in the USA.


We’re proud of the products we’ve created, we’re even more excited that you are here! If you want to experience the magic and bliss of Alke-Bulan Naturals for yourself, take a look at our product range by clicking the link below or reach out to Erika using our contact form.  

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