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See what our customers are saying about our products...

"I have been taking Alke-Bulan products for a few months & I feel amazing! My favorite product is the Bio-Restore Superfood. My skin is actually glowing! I have more energy, less bloated & I feel so happy. When I took a few days off of the Bio-Restore Superfood I noticed that I did not feel as energetic. Customer for life!"

ASHLEY B. - Los Angeles, CA

"My skin looks better and brighter when I take this [Bio-Restore Superfood powder]. Powerful stuff and black owned with excellent customer service. I love this product, will definitely be a long term user."

@prettymedicine, instagram

"Alke-Bulan Naturals has been a godsend! I have been searching for superfood powders that don't cause me any bloating and that actually make me feel good!! The Bio-Restore Superfood powder and Maca Root powder have transformed my energy levels and overall mood! Highly recommend."

Alex k. -Los Angeles, ca

“I’ve had bloating and digestive problems for years and I can honestly say since incorporating these suppemetns into my diet I’ve seen so much improvement in not only my digestion, but my health overall! I definitely recommed this product to anyone struggling with constant digestive issues like I was.” 

FELECIA G. -riverside, ca

"I was introduced to Alke-Bulan Naturals by a friend and LOVE the products! I have tried the Sea Moss powder in my smoothies and have noticed my skin is more vibrant! It adds a fun umami flavor! I have also been taking the Bio-Restore Supplements in the mornings as a daily vitamin. I love all the natural ingredients, especially Spirulina, Camu Camu, and Ashwagandha. I have noticed significantly more energy and focus throughout the day! I love the mission behind this company, and knowing that Alke-Bulan uses high-quality natural ingredients puts my mind at ease! I recommend these supplements to my friends and clients and would encourage anyone to try them out!" 

Leah Foti -Portland, ME 
Certified Nutrition & Behavior Coach

 "I was struggling with digestion and inflammation issues and was looking for a supplement to help get me back on track. I feel a lot better since taking the Bio-Restore Superfood and Sea Moss powders from Alke-Bulan Naturals. I take it daily and no longer have digestion problems. I also take the Maca Root powder a few times a week and it has helped significantly to increase my energy.  I'm always on the go and these supplements have been a one-stop shop for me! I signed up for the auto-renew service because I never want to miss a day."

JP RAMZY -Los Angeles, CA
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